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Behavioural Training, Workshops & Classes

1:1 Behavioural Sessions, Multi-skilled Workshops & Meet Ups

1:1 Behavioural Training

Reactivity in dogs is 80% what we deal with on a daily basis. This is predominantly fear based and been produced through a bad experience, so let’s control the experiences as confident dogs aren’t reactive dogs!

As a behaviourist, it is my job to get you to understand why your dog does something and how we can change it. By getting the right mind set will help your dog make the right decisions, this is why I train people not dogs!
Training a dog will be one of the hardest things you ever undertake, but, get it right and the rewards are huge.  Remember - there are no bad dogs...



  • 1:1 Behavioural Session (60 minutes) – £90

  • 1:1 Behavioural Course (4 weeks) – £330

  • Come to Cainark HQ (hourly or dayrate) - to be discussed

  • Nationwide (we can travel to you) - to be discussed

  • Residential Training - Come and stay in our studio apartment

  • Virtual 1:1 via Zoom (60 minutes) - £75

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What is reactivity in dogs and why does this occur? Attending with your reactive dog, this workshop is focused on training techniques and gives demonstrations to help owners gain in confidence to deal with reactive behaviour.


1.5 hour Workshop - Taking place on the 1st Saturday of each month - £30

3 Week Reactivity Course - Starting on the 1st Saturday of each month and running for 3 weeks - £90


Lead Walking Workshop

Do you dread taking your dog for a walk, or do you get walked by your dog? Our Lead Walking workshops are for you! This 1.5 hour workshop discusses lead walking position, lead walking set up, demonstrations and techniques provided by the trainer who will also offer methods on how your dog can focus and ignore distractions. Taking place on the 2nd Saturday of each month, outside at the Country Pooch Daycare and Cainark Training Centre.

Price:– £30 per dog

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Recall Workshop

Do you have the confidence to allow your dog off lead without worrying about their recall? Does your dog run up to every dog to say hello or suddenly ignore you when you try to recall them? Then our Recall workshop is for you! This 1.5 hour workshop will equip you with the tools you need to increase engagement and focus from your dog as well as proofing the perfect recall. Taking place on the 3rd Saturday of each month, outside at the Country Pooch Daycare and Cainark Training Centre.

Price:– £30 per dog

Gun Dog Workshop

Beginners Gun Dog Workshop

Beginners Gun Dog Workshop is a 2 hour workshop held outside at Country Pooch Daycare. Hosted by Kelly from Cedar Penny Gundogs.


Introductory talk in regards to field sports, game shooting and the purposes of dogs working in the field, this will also include defining the difference in the PMP between the dogs and their purposes. Introduction to the place boardto the ‘whistle’ and visual cues and to basic hunting and retrieving with tennis balls/dummy.


Price:- £40 per dog

Beginners Obedience Course

The Beginners Obedience Course has been created for non-reactive dogs to excel and progress in obedience style dog training. This course is a set as an 8 week course with an hour long, group session each week to learn how to perfect your training skills and introduce new commands. Using distance, duration and distraction as methods to enhance your dog’s ability whilst performing obedience commands within a safe, secure environment


Price:- £220 for an 8 week course


Meet & Plays

Breed Meets, Puppy Meet & Play & Paddock Hire

Puppy Meet & Play

Got a new puppy and looking to socialise as well as learn? Our Puppy Meet & Play sessions are ideal for pups aged up to 6 months old. Taking place in the secure garden and barn at Country Pooch Daycare and Cainark Training Centre, your pup will socialise and play at our facility whilst one of our Cainark trainers is on hand to provide advice and discuss canine body language


Price:– £10 per pup


Breed Meets

Come along to the Cainark breed meet. 45 minutes of fun, socialising and a chance to speak to other owners. Starting in small groups in separate paddocks so dogs can get used to their surroundings and new friends, we then enjoy some off-lead and large group playtime. Dogs can have fun on our agility equipment, run free in the paddocks and get their noses working with some cone scent games all whilst you can meet other dog owners! Taking place outside at Country Pooch, this is a 45 minute session. Advertised on our social media.


Price:– £10 per dog

*Please note owners will be responsible for their own dogs behaviour at all times during the meet, only available for non-reactive, fully sociable dogs


Paddock Hire

Our fabulous Country and Play paddocks are available for customers to hire creating the perfect place to walk, train, exercise and play with your pooch. Each paddock offers 3.5 acres of enjoyable, stress free, fun walking for you and your pooch. Our Country Paddock is more of a country style with woodland, shrubbery and sometimes large puddles. Our Play Paddock has fun equipment such as jumps, tyres and crash bags for you and your pooch to enjoy!


Paddock Hire  – (for up to 2 dogs)

£6 - for 25 minutes or  £10 - for 55 minutes - an additional £2.50 per dog up to a maximum of 5 dogs at one time.


"Just finished a 4 week behaviour therapy for my 8.5 year old collie called Buddy. Steve was a fantastic trainer and mentor and I have more confidence in myself now to continue with the training."

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