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Welcome to Cainark Dog Training

Professional dog training & behavioural based at the Award winning Country Pooch Dog Daycare Centre in Romsey.

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Sister company to the award winning Country Pooch Dog Daycare Centre.


"What is dog behaviour? Everything your dog does would be classed as behaviour. Some good which we like, some bad which we don’t. However your dog does it all for the same reason, to get something out of it. If we keep this in mind everything your dog does is RIGHT!" 

Steve Griffiths – Founder & Head Trainer

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Our services



Looking to strengthen that bond between you and your pooch? Cainark Dog Training offer various training packages from 121 sessions to group courses for puppies and adolescents. Our dog training instructor is on hand to discuss all your training needs.



  • 6 Week Puppy Course (group) £150

  • Workshops (Individual drop in)  £30 per dog 

  • Puppy Meet & Play£10 per dog 

  • Training Walk£12 per dog 


121 training is available during the week. Group classes, Workshops and Training walks are arranged on Saturdays at various times.

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Reactivity in dogs is 80% what we deal with on a daily basis. This is predominantly fear based and been produced through a bad experience, so let’s control the experiences as confident dogs aren’t reactive dogs!

As a behaviourist it is my job to get you to understand why your dog does something and how we can change it. By getting the right mind set will help your dog make the right decisions, this is why I train people not dogs!
Training a dog will be one of the hardest things you ever undertake, but, get it right and the rewards are huge.  Remember - there are no bad dogs...



  • 121 Behavioural Session (60 minutes) – £70

  • 121 Behavioural Course (4 weeks) – £250

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"Cainark Dog Training are the BEST in the business. We’ve just finished the adolescence course with Steve, he is a fantastic trainer very knowledgeable and attentive. I feel I have learnt a lot and grown in confidence with training Wilson. Thanks Steve you are amazing" 

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Meet the team

Meet the team

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Our head behaviourist and Co founder of Country Pooch specialises in extreme reactivity and dog behavioural issues, all manner of group training classes and has trained with The National Dog Training Academy, IMDT and The Dog Training College.



Co founder of Country Pooch, Hannah has obtained various online canine qualifications as well as training with the The Dog Training College to obtain canine body language and canine reactivity qualifications. Hannah has used this knowledge to establish the successful Cainark Puppy Training course which uses positive reinforcement training methods.



Training with IMDT and The Dog Training College, Mike has gained experience in Puppy, Adolescent and Behaviourial training as well as obtaining an in-depth knowledge of canine body language at the Country Pooch Daycare Centre.

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